Shipping and Payment Info

When shipping to us, please include this information:
  - Description of services needed
  - Year, Make and Model of vehicle
  - Company name, contact person and phone number
  - Return shipping address
  - Signed Odometer Mileage Declaration
  - Payment information

All orders will be returned via UPS or Priority Mail. Shipping charges will include insurance and ground or air delivery, depending on your request.

Payment Terms: Payments can be made by VISA or MASTERCARD or shipments can be sent back to you COD.

The services we offer are intended for lawful service and repair only. The customer shall bare all responsibilities for the accuracy of mileage information provided to Electronic Speedometer Service. Odometer programming, replacement of digital odometers or mileage setting is available only with signed Odometer Mileage Declaration. It is unlawful for any person to sell or offer to sell, with intent to defraud, a motor vehicle on which the odometer does not register the true mileage driven.

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